hiccupclips as seen on youtube and dailymotion!

Welcome to my website devoted to all hiccuplovers.My name is Eric and i have been a hiccuplover for a long time.It's just something about a female with hiccups that's such a turn on.It's hard to explain i mean unless you feel the same way you probably think that i am a freak or are just weird.Ithought the same thing until i found out there are others like me with the same fetish.This website was started so us hiccuplovers can gather outside youtube and dailymotion and just talk all things hiccups.I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to check out my website.Feel free to browse the site, we have downloadable audio files both male and female as well as video files.We also have a chatroom as well as a guestbook and a faq section please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions about the website or if you just wanna talk  you can email me directly
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