A very good hiccup story!

Hi! None of you know me because I haven't posted before, but I've been on this list for a while. I noticed there haven't been many stories lately... I have a really good one!
I woke up yesterday morning, and before i even opened my eyes, I hiccuped. Now, I never get teasers, and I know that if you hiccups in the morning, you hiccup all day. I was sure I was in for  full day of hiccuping.
I got up and continued to get ready, still hiccuping steadily every 2-3 seconds. These weren't your every-day hiccups. They were REALLY hard. So hard, in fact, that I couldn't even stand still. Every time I hiccuped, I would bounce right off the ground! My entire body jerked with each one. They were loud, too. My twin sister kept complaining and my mom could hear me all the way from dowstairs.
I finished dressing and doing my morning-makeup-routine (which was extremely difficult with the hiccups) and went downstairs. The first thing my mom said to me was, "geeze, those are LOUD!" And they were, too. My chest was really starting to hurt.
I skipped breakfast (it would be too hard to eat at the rate I was going!) and went to Meg's house so we could walk to school together. I kept hiccuping, now every 1-2 seconds apart. Meg took advantage of my condition and made fun of every single hiccup. She'd never seen me hiccuping before and thought it was hillarious. I continued to hiccup and she laughed so hard I hoped she would get them. No such luck.
We finally arrived at school and I was miserable. I was hiccuping so hard and so fast that I couldn't even talk. If I had tried to say, "Hi, I'm Rae", it would have sounded like, "H-hi I-I'm R-R-a-e. hic!" I couldn't even say one syllable without hiccuping. My diaphragm felt ready to explode! I kept hiccuping through homeroom. The teacher gave me odd glances but never said anything. My friends, though, took my condition as a wonderful opportunity to tease me. After yet another half-hour, I was ready to cry. I've had long cases before, but never as painful as these. I'd had them for three hours and was ready to stop. I went to the Health teacher, who sent me to the nurse.
The nurse and I tried every cure we could think up. Every cure only made my hiccups worse. She finally called down Kim (my twin sister) down to her office to answer some questions since I couldn't talk. Kim looked really confused and told her I get the hiccups a lot (which I do-- almost every day!) and then she left. My hiccups weren't even a second apart now and I could barely breathe. The nurse, baffled, sent me back to class (Math, yuck). I went, hiccuping harder than ever before.
In Math, my classmates were taking a test. I was hiccuping so loudly that none of them could concentrate and the teacher just gave up. Math class turned into an open discussion about the hiccups. Everyone was asking me questions but I could only nod or shake my head since I couldn't talk at all. Even with my mouth closed, my hiccups were loud enough to be heard in the next room. They were sharp, loud *HIC!* sounds and were coming about a half-second apart.
My next period was Study Hall and halfway through I was asked to go back to the nurse. I did, and all she could tell me was to lay down and pray the Hail Mary (I go to a Catholic school) twenty times... aloud. That was hell. 100% torture. "Ha-ail Ma-ary-y, fu-ull of-f gr-gra-ace, the L-Lo-ord-d i-is w-w-wi-ith thee-ee. HIC! Ble-essed art th-thou-ou am-mo-ong-g w-wom-m-HIC! wome-en..." It took me four minutes to say it once. The nurse looked worried when I still had them (I guess the Blessed Virgin was on coffee-break) and sent me back to class, which was homeroom again. I kept hiccuping and getting teased. The teacher got so annoyed with my hiccuping that she told me to go to the church (just next door... it's part of the school) and pray. I prayed for half hour and nothing happened. I went to the candle-room, opened my wallet, put all my money in the donation box, and lit all of the candles that weren't yet lit. I prayed fervently with everything I had to stop or at slow my hiccups but that was no good. My hiccups were hard, loud, and fast and there was no stopping them now. I started to leave the church when Father Rinehart approached me. "Hiccups?" he asked and I nodded. He laughed a paternal sort of laugh (which figures, cuz he's the Father, LoL) and said, "Only time will help, only time." I turned to get my candle so he could bless it, and when I turned back, he was gone. And so were my hiccups! I nearly cried because I was so happy.
I went back to class. By now, school was over. I packed my bookbag and started to leave again when I thought I heard my boyfriend call to me. I turned around and he wasn't there... but my hiccups were! I started hiccuping again. These were loud and hard but not painful. They were 4 seconds apart and I actually laughed because of the irony of the situation. This only made them worse, but by the time I got home they were gone.
It's today now and I have them again, but not too bad. I'll record them so y'all can hear.
I have another story about my boyfriend, sister, and me getting the hiccups at the same time, but I'll put that one out later. Hope you enjoyed my story!


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An article i found online!

I'm 5.5 years post op, maintained all the weight I lost and feel great. My labs are normal. In the last couple months I've noticed something that's increased. Hiccups.
Now, almost every time I eat, I get the hiccups. It starts when I can tell the food has "moved" (from where to where I don't yet know).
I suppose I'll have to visit the doc, but without any weight gain, pain or other weird symptoms, I don't know if there's any point in it other than a pat on the head and a "there there" from him.
Anyone else have this? Did it stop?
I'm beginning to sound like a wino or something I think. :::hic:::: ::::hic::::
Thanks for any words of experience on this.

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Another story!

Last weekend, my sister, boyfriend, and I all got the hiccups at the same time! It was really funny...
Kim and I were home alone watching a movie, when, for no reason, I started hiccuping. We kept watching it, me hiccuping through it, when Bryan called. He was bored so we invited him to come over. I was going steadily, about 4-5 seconds apart. They were very hard - I was shaking the couch! - but not at all painful (whew!).
Bryan came and we restarted the movie (which, by the way, was "Bless the Child" and was totally creepy! i highly recommend it if you like horror movies) so he could see it, too. I was still hiccuping about 4 seconds apart.
Now, you can't have two teenaged girls and a teenaged guy in a house, all alone, late at night without something crazy happening. Of course we ended up pillow-fighting and joking. We were really laughing. My hiccups, which had started to fade out, were back with a vengeance (i think i spelled that right) and going super-strong. They were probably 3 seconds apart and just as hard as the first ones.
I went to the kitchen to get soda, still hiccuping away at top speed. I brought Coke out for all of us. We were drinking fizzy, sugary, caffienated pop and laughing and joking. Well, wouldn't you know it? Kim started hiccuping, too. Kim's hiccups were about 6 seconds apart and not hard but very loud. 
So, Kim was hiccuping every six seconds and I was hiccuping every three seconds. This was the funniest thing in the world. Kim and I were laughing soooo hard and Bryan was staring at us like we were lunatics. We had to do something about this. I slammed him down and we started tickling him until he got the hiccups, too. His were deep, deep, stomach hiccups and were about 4 seconds apart. Now all three of us were hiccuping and laughing. What was left to do besides watch a comedy movie? We'd also rented "Big Momma's House" (also a grrrrreat movie!) and we turned it on to watch. It kept us laughing hard enough to keep our hiccups going the whole time!
Well, eventually Kim's hiccups went away. I kept going and so did Bryan, until he had to leave. Mine went away shortly afterwards. Bryan called me again about two hours later, and he was still hiccuping! I talked to him until he stopped.
It was probably the most fun I've had in a very long time!


 Another hiccup story enjoy!

Hi all,
Welcome Rae Nocomment...
Well, after a desert I had a sighting.
Imagine you searching for cars in the searching engines, and instead the computer shows you the results, it shows you a real car. Just in front of you!!!
Or you search for clothes and the computer shows you real clothes...may be someday...
But this happened to me.
I was in my computer working, and sometimes (to relax) searching for hiccups. And you know what happened...yes.
My dreams came true. A real woman, in front my computer just hiccuping, hiccuping and hiccuping.
She said: Excuse me, I've got the hiccups. However, she isn't annoyed about that.
She is 26 yrs old, brown hair, not tall. She brought some documents to the secretary and was leaving the room. So I said:
-I need a file and you have it in your computer. She just said to follow her.
All the time saying excuse.
While I was copying the file, she was archiving the documents and could see clearly her chest and movements. I was crazy man!!
I never spent 10 minutes copying a 100Kb file. LOL
All the hiccups were muffled but one.
Finally, when she finish the archives she got some water...damn. They stopped.
The case last for 15 minutes.
I loved it!!!
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